• Amy C Amy C
    Best reading everything you said has come true so far. My son was home from Georgia within the two months time just as you said!!!! Thank you so much.  Sending love đź’ś
  • Alicia Alicia
    Thomas was my first ever reading. I went in nervous as hell. He comforted me. He was like a friend. It felt like we were just hanging out and talking. It was also super freaky. Some of the things he brought up blew me away. There’s no way he has the time to deep dive ...
  • Katequin100 Katequin100
    I got more out of 1 45 minute session than I ever could’ve in endless amounts of therapy. Thomas literally changed my life, he said something to me so small yet important and it was like a lightbulb moment went off. Everything’s changed for me, it’s so crazy. I have a completely new perspective on ...
  • Alicia Garcia Alicia Garcia
    I had reading on the 17th of sept. and it was honestly such a great experience, Thomas cleared the air with a lot of my stress as far as love family and career, with out even me having to ask him. He makes you feel comfortable and you feel so relieved after. I highly recommend ...
  • maggiegoodner maggiegoodner
    Thomas is amazing!! I’ve had a lot of death in my family and life recently and everything that came through from the reading was so comforting to hear. He is hands down the best medium I have ever had a reading from. There were things that came through that only I would have known from ...
  • Kelli T. Kelli T.
    Thomas did two readings for me.  In the first reading back in March, he told me he felt a female energy making her way to me - I found out YESTERDAY I am pregnant! My son is 12!! This isn’t something anyone could have “predicted”. What Thomas does is on a higher plane.  Get the ...

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