• Corinne Fontes Corinne Fontes
    I had a reading done by Thomas in late 2022. I had booked this 6 months in advance because he is that in demand. But in my heart, I knew it would come at just the right time. And it absolutely did! The things he brought up there is no way anyone could’ve known about. ...
  • Vinette Vinette
    This reading was amazing and he is truly gifted.  I was able to get many answers and connect with loved ones.  I would definitely book another reading.  Thank you!
  • Steve Steve
    Thomas is amazing!His guidance is consistently on point and his ability to communicate with your spiritual team to understand what’s needed for you at any given moment is a true gift.
  • Kate C Conway Kate C Conway
    Dear Thomas, I can’t thank you enough. Your abilities are so perceptive. You connected to my Dad so well and really helped me. I agree with the other reviewers, you are caring and easy to talk to. A delight. Thank you for sharing your gifts. 100% amazing.
  • Debbie Debbie
    It’s been a month since my session and I am still amazed! Thomas is the real thing, no doubt in my mind. He conveyed things from deceased family members that NOBODY would know. I am so happy to know my loved ones were coming through! Looking forward to my next session
  • Katie Andrews Katie Andrews
    Had a reading with Thomas a few months back, LOVED his energy so much and he really made me & my mom feel connected to her father, who passed before I was born. He was VERY adamant that he kept seeing school in my future, but I was very happy in my career and it ...

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