• @raebuchananactor @raebuchananactor
    Thomas was so fun to work with! I was a little scared going in, but honestly I had the best time. The messages were very affirming to my current life path and after telling my mom about the experience she too just HAD to have a reading. I booked her an appointment as a birthday ...
  • Sommer Dawn Sommer Dawn
    I had a reading with Thomas and I was blown away by his abilities and connections with Spirit. He helped me connect with many loved ones that have passed away and to help clarify so many signs I have felt from them. Thomas helped connect the dots to things that have happened to me since ...
  • Megan Megan
    Thomas did an AMAZING job during my reading! He was able to pull some really interesting stuff from my past and also identify ways to help me grow in the future. I loved it, I already want to book another one with him!
  • Jocelyn Jocelyn
    I’ve been to many psychics, astrologers and mediums in my life. I must say, Thomas really has the gift and is one of the very best! I’ve had two mini readings with Thomas and was blown away each time. In my first session he quickly connected with someone that recently passed and was able to help ...
  • Lizz I Lizz I
    I loved my session!!!! I immediately felt connected to Thomas the second we started our session and tons of amazing things were uncovered throughout, regarding loved ones who have passed, future paths, and even a special chat with my kitties!! He also mentioned me having a rainbow aura which is my favorite thing. Love him ...
  • Sydney Sydney
    If you’re one the fence about doing a reading- do it! Thomas was able to connect to my deceased loved ones and told me specific memories and details they were seeing in my life. Literally can’t make up the intimate details he was spot on about! He provided clarity, reassurance, and comfort about my future. ...

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Psychic medium sessions:

  • $180 for a first time 45 min zoom session ($160 for repeat clients)
  • $200 for in person 50 min session
  • $300 for 2 person one hour zoom session
  • Home scan $400 for 90 min session: I will come to your home and walk through with you and explain the energy I’m feeling about each room and give suggestions about how to create a space that fits your highest good. (Los Angeles Only)

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guidance provided during readings and/or services should in no way be regarded as

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