He’s honestly the best! If you’ve ever had any reservations before about mediums etc he will change your perspective and change your life. I’m so happy I decided to do it and plan on doing it again.… Read Full Review


My 3 readings with Thomas have been so peaceful. He is so accurate with my energy before I say a word. My deceased fathers presence has been strong and OBVIOUS with Thomas and his gift. I have an appointment soon and I can’t wait! He is a blessing to my life.… Read Full Review


I had my first reading recently and it was truly THE BEST! Thomas is so comforting and kind, made me feel super at ease and his gift is so magical. Thank you thank you Thomas, I’ll definitely be booking again and have already recommended you to anyone and everyone I talk to!… Read Full Review


Thomas Dale gave me a moment with my twin (who died in childbirth) and helped me figure out what I needed to do with my life but more importantly…told me to stop dating trash. Worth your money, worth your time. And he’ll make you feel sooo comfortable and safe the entire time.… Read Full Review


Thomas was absolutely amazing and I loved every minute I spent talking with him. I was quite nervous beforehand and wasn’t sure what exactly to expect but within 2 minutes of talking to him I felt completely at ease and like I was having a conversations with one of my best friends. I couldn’t recommend booking a reading with him more, and I am already looking forward to having another session with him. I can promise if you book him you will not be disappointed! Thank you again for everything, Thomas. You are so wonderful.… Read Full Review


My reading with Thomas was amazing! I was able to hear from some loved ones that had passed and get affirmations that my dad’s energy lives on through myself and my children and he’s always with us. My dad even somehow found a way to make fun of me in the present for walking my cat on a leash which I found to be SO on brand for that goofball. Thomas facilitated the connection seamlessly and I really felt the love and emotion my dad was trying to get across. I wasn’t expecting much else but Thomas was able to connect to my energy and give me some insight into my work life, love life, and my role as a parent. It is so helpful to have that guidance in the back of my mind when feelings get chaotic. I will definitely be chatting with Thomas again and I can’t wait to hear all the new things that my dad thinks are ridiculous about my life.… Read Full Review


Thomas had me deliver a message from my mom’s mom to my mom. I had planned on it saying anything to my mom about it because she is super atheist and I didn’t want her judgement, lol, but Thomas basically made me promise to deliver the message on behalf of my grandma. I did and my mom LOVED it and said it sounded like her mom. He also gave me the reassurance I was looking for in making a major life change I was having second thoughts about and actually immediately started addressing it with literally zero prompting from me. I got goosebumps several times. Book him while he is still dirt cheap. I give it a year or two before he starts charging $500+/session.… Read Full Review


My session was so so amazing and better than I could have predicted! Thomas shared so much with me and really had me looking inward to discover my truth and find closure. I loved every second and will definitely be booking again. His gift is incredible and you should 100% connect with him. I PROMISE it’s worth it!.… Read Full Review


Thomasss! Your readings open the pathway to thoughts or feelings lingering in the mind and blow the door open with confirmation. I wish you had a referral program cause I’ve sent at least 6 people your way. Everyone of them received so much and feels more secure in themselves and their life paths. You’re such a gift!… Read Full Review


Okay I went into this so skeptical, but Thomas changed my whole life. On a molecular level. The information I got from him heal my heart. Everything in my life makes sens because of the communication he was able to transmit with his gift. Book one. You won’t be sorry.… Read Full Review