• Amanda Amanda
    My reading with Thomas was an incredibly special one. I was floored with the connections that were made and I am looking forward to another reading. Thank you for sharing your gift, we are lucky to have you.
  • Alyssa Phelps Alyssa Phelps
    Thomas was such a pleasure to talk to. His message was one of clarity that put me at ease.  I sincerely recommend setting up a call to experience it yourself, I’ll be a returning customer for sure.
  • kayleekitz kayleekitz
    I am still reeling from my reading with Thomas. Beyond being a total sweetheart and a joy all around, he has an incredible gift. He was spot on with so many dynamics in my life & relationships. He connected us with a beloved family member who passed. She showed him things that no one on ...
  • Megan Megan
    I would literally meet with him every single week if I could. Incredibly therapeutic and when our time was up I was actually sad. I felt like he could’ve been my best friend in just the short time I spent with him. He reassured me more than he knows and gave me crucial insight into ...
  • Anisah Anisah
    Thomas is such a beautiful person and has a special gift. He’ll give you so much insight and clarity. I highly recommend him!
  • @haus_of_pomar @haus_of_pomar
    I cannot say enough about my experience last night with Thomas. It was like a really heavy therapy session. Childhood trauma was discussed, as well as some comfort and love from beloved Grandparents who hold so many of my happy childhood memories. I feel like I was read like a book and was told things ...

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  • $180 for a first time 45 min zoom session ($160 for repeat clients)
  • $200 for in person 50 min session
  • $300 for 2 person one hour zoom session
  • Home scan $400 for 90 min session: I will come to your home and walk through with you and explain the energy I’m feeling about each room and give suggestions about how to create a space that fits your highest good. (Los Angeles Only)

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guidance provided during readings and/or services should in no way be regarded as

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