​Welcome to Kewen Thomas but you can call me Thomas!! I’m an ex comedian who has realized his true calling and now utilizing my abilities to help give others insight and truth in their lives.  I have helped thousands of people connect with their own energy (spirit) and communicate with passed loved ones. I’m a medium, a clairvoyant, and a Heyoka Empath. As a Heyoka i have the ability to unveil your truth and allow you to see things about your current self that will help fix the root of your issues or energy blocks. Through my 12 years in the entertainment business i learned and experienced so many things that brought me to this point and path in my life. Reach out to me if you’d like the chance to get deep into your energy, connect with passed loved ones and get set onto a path of truth, understanding and happiness. Oh and i also have the ability to metaphysically bring myself back to your childhood and pinpoint exactly when and why you behave, perceive or feel the things that you do in your present life. 

  • Natalie November 9, 2020Natalie
    Thomas was extremely personable and easy to speak with- he made me feel really comfortable. He was not only spot on about a lot of things, but encouraging and positive about my goals + path. Schedule your reading with him! Can't wait to connect in the future.
  • Leigh Hastings November 8, 2020Leigh Hastings
    Kewen Thomas has the most phenomenal energy and is the kindest soul! I have never gotten a reading of any kind done before and have always wanted to, but for some reason always felt nervous about it. When I heard Kewen Thomas be interviewed on a podcast, I was so drawn to his energy I ...
  • em.wimsatt November 7, 2020em.wimsatt
    My reading with Thomas was amazing! He is so calming, and the way he communicates makes you feel so comfortable. I truly cannot say enough good things, I walked away from my reading feeling awesome! Absolutely recommend!
  • Amy C November 6, 2020Amy C
    Best reading everything you said has come true so far. My son was home from Georgia within the two months time just as you said!!!! Thank you so much.  Sending love 💜
  • Alicia November 5, 2020Alicia
    Thomas was my first ever reading. I went in nervous as hell. He comforted me. He was like a friend. It felt like we were just hanging out and talking. It was also super freaky. Some of the things he brought up blew me away. There’s no way he has the time to deep dive ...
  • Katequin100 November 4, 2020Katequin100
    I got more out of 1 45 minute session than I ever could’ve in endless amounts of therapy. Thomas literally changed my life, he said something to me so small yet important and it was like a lightbulb moment went off. Everything’s changed for me, it’s so crazy. I have a completely new perspective on ...

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