​Welcome to Kewen Thomas but you can call me Thomas!! I’m an ex comedian who has realized his true calling and now utilizing my abilities to help give others insight and truth in their lives.  I have helped thousands of people connect with their own energy (spirit) and communicate with passed loved ones. I’m a medium, a clairvoyant, and a Heyoka Empath. As a Heyoka i have the ability to unveil your truth and allow you to see things about your current self that will help fix the root of your issues or energy blocks. Through my 12 years in the entertainment business i learned and experienced so many things that brought me to this point and path in my life. Reach out to me if you’d like the chance to get deep into your energy, connect with passed loved ones and get set onto a path of truth, understanding and happiness. Oh and i also have the ability to metaphysically bring myself back to your childhood and pinpoint exactly when and why you behave, perceive or feel the things that you do in your present life. 

  • Lindsey Guilliams February 28, 2021Lindsey Guilliams
    In awe of this whole experience, seriously. I was at a point in my life where I was absolutely overwhelmed about.. everything. So many things in my past to confront and so many conflicting feelings about where my life was heading...click pic to see more.
  • Amanda January 17, 2021Amanda
    My reading with Thomas was an incredibly special one. I was floored with the connections that were made and I am looking forward to another reading. Thank you for sharing your gift, we are lucky to have you.
  • Alyssa Phelps January 15, 2021Alyssa Phelps
    Thomas was such a pleasure to talk to. His message was one of clarity that put me at ease.  I sincerely recommend setting up a call to experience it yourself, I’ll be a returning customer for sure.
  • kayleekitz January 13, 2021kayleekitz
    I am still reeling from my reading with Thomas. Beyond being a total sweetheart and a joy all around, he has an incredible gift. He was spot on with so many dynamics in my life & relationships. He connected us with a beloved family member who passed. She showed him things that no one on ...
  • Megan January 11, 2021Megan
    I would literally meet with him every single week if I could. Incredibly therapeutic and when our time was up I was actually sad. I felt like he could’ve been my best friend in just the short time I spent with him. He reassured me more than he knows and gave me crucial insight into ...
  • Anisah January 9, 2021Anisah
    Thomas is such a beautiful person and has a special gift. He’ll give you so much insight and clarity. I highly recommend him!

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