Leigh Hastings

Kewen Thomas has the most phenomenal energy and is the kindest soul! I have never gotten a reading of any kind done before and have always wanted to, but for some reason always felt nervous about it. When I heard Kewen Thomas be interviewed on a podcast, I was so drawn to his energy I knew I finally had to give it a go, it was destiny! I felt so instantly comfortable talking with him and the 45-50 minute reading was packed FULL of outstanding moments and clairvoyance. His ability to connect with spirit was captivating. He honestly nailed EVERYTHING about me and the people in my life, and also gave me great insights on the past, present and future. It was freeing to speak so personally and deeply about life, it felt like talking to an old friend. I HIGHLY recommend booking Kewen Thomas for either yourself or as a gift, you will not regret it! Kewen Thomas is truly a gem.