Corinne Fontes

I had a reading done by Thomas in late 2022. I had booked this 6 months in advance because he is that in demand. But in my heart, I knew it would come at just the right time. And it absolutely did! The things he brought up there is no way anyone could’ve known about. And the enlightenment he gave around certain subjects has given me such a sense of peace and relief that it’s been truly life altering. This guy is absolutely the real deal. And he is all love and light. No negativity and nothing scary. He does his work with care and attention. Thank you so much Thomas! The gift you have given me will never be forgotten.… Read Full Review


This reading was amazing and he is truly gifted.  I was able to get many answers and connect with loved ones.  I would definitely book another reading.  Thank you!… Read Full Review


Thomas is amazing!
His guidance is consistently on point and his ability to communicate with your spiritual team to understand what’s needed for you at any given moment is a true gift.… Read Full Review

Kate C Conway

Dear Thomas, I can’t thank you enough. Your abilities are so perceptive. You connected to my Dad so well and really helped me. I agree with the other reviewers, you are caring and easy to talk to. A delight. Thank you for sharing your gifts. 100% amazing.… Read Full Review


It’s been a month since my session and I am still amazed! Thomas is the real thing, no doubt in my mind. He conveyed things from deceased family members that NOBODY would know. I am so happy to know my loved ones were coming through! Looking forward to my next session… Read Full Review

Katie Andrews

Had a reading with Thomas a few months back, LOVED his energy so much and he really made me & my mom feel connected to her father, who passed before I was born. He was VERY adamant that he kept seeing school in my future, but I was very happy in my career and it didn’t resonate at all at the time. Fast forward & I recently decided on a complete 180 career change after some soul searching and just registered for classes to go back to school this fall…it just hit me that Thomas was completely on point!!! Such a special gift he has ❤️ Thank you again Thomas!… Read Full Review


Thomas has a wonderful and kind soul.  His energy very warm and caring.  He helped me to connected my beloved son and my grandparents.  He is amazing and tell me the things that my beloved son and I used shared together.  Thank you 🙏… Read Full Review


Thomas is truly truly gifted. He made me feel so comfortable and the session was so eye-opening for me. It really helped me to feel more connected and gave me affirmations I needed to hear. I cannot recommend him enough! Sorry I gave you a little test at the end but I was floored by the consistencies and accuracy. Thank you so much!… Read Full Review


My reading with Thomas was a beautiful experience. He has gift and by sharing it with me I was able to find some peace from some traumatic experiences in my past. Highly recommend!… Read Full Review

Kailin Yoh

What a wonderful experience! I’ve never had a reading before and was a bit skeptical going into it, but within minutes I was a believer. Thomas brought up details that he had absolutely no way of knowing otherwise. Though the topics were heavy at times, he still managed to keep it light and positive. I left the reading feeling very affirmed on my current path and closure in a few areas as well. I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it at this: I feel so much lighter after our reading and I would recommend him to any skeptic (or anyone). I know I’ll be booking another reading in the future!… Read Full Review