Sommer Dawn

I had a reading with Thomas and I was blown away by his abilities and connections with Spirit. He helped me connect with many loved ones that have passed away and to help clarify so many signs I have felt from them. Thomas helped connect the dots to things that have happened to me since they have passed and how they are now helping to guide me and my son in this life. Thomas was honest, straight to the point, and funny as can be!! I enjoy his energy and have already recommended him to many of my friends. Do yourself a favor and book a session with him. Your loved ones are waiting to connect with you. Do you really want to disappoint them? I don’t think so!🤣… Read Full Review


Thomas did an AMAZING job during my reading! He was able to pull some really interesting stuff from my past and also identify ways to help me grow in the future. I loved it, I already want to book another one with him!… Read Full Review


I’ve been to many psychics, astrologers and mediums in my life. I must say, Thomas really has the gift and is one of the very best! 
I’ve had two mini readings with Thomas and was blown away each time. In my first session he quickly connected with someone that recently passed and was able to help me make sense of it. The sending reading was a life/childhood regression…it was powerful! 
I love that Thomas is his authentic self…he doesn’t have anything to prove and the sessions weren’t overly serious or somber (like other psychics). We laughed a lot and I felt totally comfortable. Thank you Thomas!!… Read Full Review

Lizz I

I loved my session!!!! I immediately felt connected to Thomas the second we started our session and tons of amazing things were uncovered throughout, regarding loved ones who have passed, future paths, and even a special chat with my kitties!! He also mentioned me having a rainbow aura which is my favorite thing. Love him & would recommend to anyone- what a beautiful experience in such a dark time for me.… Read Full Review


If you’re one the fence about doing a reading- do it! Thomas was able to connect to my deceased loved ones and told me specific memories and details they were seeing in my life. Literally can’t make up the intimate details he was spot on about! He provided clarity, reassurance, and comfort about my future. He was a pure joy to speak with. His light and energy filled my home and my spirit. Forever grateful for his work and the peace he provided me with.… Read Full Review


It’s going to be hard to write a fitting review when I am so speechless after my reading. This man is truly so gifted and blessed and his readings provide so much insight and healing. I was nervous before the session but as soon as he said I hi I felt at peace. The reading I got made me feel a hundred times lighter and so much closer to my loved ones, angels, and spirit guides. My world is brighter now because of his reading.… Read Full Review

Maja K

All I can say is wow. I didn’t know what to expect going into it because I’ve never had a reading done before, and apparently there’s a lot I don’t know about my family! Lol. The connections made initially I didn’t know until I asked family members and they confirmed all that Thomas said was true. I am beyond floored at the connections made, the accuracy and even just how Thomas articulated it. Some of what he said, speaks to my soul on a deeper level. Not to sound cliche but the reading I had is one that has changed my perspective on life and there is so much healing in what Thomas had to say in our 45 minute session. I cannot wait to book again and cannot say enough positive things about Thomas, who you can tell is such a sweet soul. Thank you again Thomas for both the tears and the laughter we shared in our session. ❤️… Read Full Review

Samantha Brinkley

Absolutely hands down THE BEST experience I have EVER had! I was in awe of Thomas for his ability to really help me feel comfortable enough to open up and was so spot on during our session…I genuinely felt like he answered questions I had before I asked them…and when I did ask a question he was so genuine and was able to dive deeper and really bring peace of mind for me..he’s simply the best and an outstanding human being! Love you so much Thomas! Thank you again so so much!… Read Full Review

Darrion Washington

The experience I had conversing with Thomas is a moment I will cherish for the rest of my existence. He is such a joy to talk to and I definitely recommend booking an appointment with him!… Read Full Review